Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Garden is Calling Me!!!

Here I sit gazing out the living room window. Children are playing and laughing, birds are chirping and a beautiful breeze is blowing. I can hear my neighbour mowing her lawn and the sweet smell of newly cut grass fills the air (along with the pungent odour of gasoline!!!)I snapped you out of that pretty picture didn't I! LOL
Some of you may but most of you may not know that I am a garden lover. My garden (pictured here, yes that's mine) is my haven, my place to escape and where I do my best thinking. The past few weeks have been a gardeners dream. Apart from the fact that we haven't had enough rain all other aspects have been glorious!
Unfortunately, I haven't been out as much to enjoy it due to my new found student status. Not that I'm complaining but I must admit that I wish I was getting dirt under my nails and thinking about how I'm going to change things for next year. Gardeners are constantly renovating their pieces of heaven.
But instead, I've done 2 law assignments and now need to dive into reading for the next 3+ hours. My garden will be there next weekend but there will come a point in time where I will give in to those little voices begging me to "go walk about" in the my favourite place, my garden.
J : )

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