Saturday, September 12, 2009


They say "no pain, no gain". What about no pain, NO BRAIN!!! I've been in vacation mode since the end of May so my poor brain is crying out "What the heck are you doing to me?" My girlfriend was walking her dog past my house on the night of the first day of school. She saw me through the window doing some work on the computer. Yes, it was the dreaded "H" word ----Homework! What is the purpose of homework? To ingrain in our grey matter what we have taken that day at school - to reinforce what our profs lectured about? Why do we call it homework anyway---can't I do it at school on my time off or do I HAVE to do it at home? Is the homework police going to sneak up on me in the college library and kick me out because I'm not doing it at home?! What if I decided I wanted to do some reading about The Employment Act for my Law class while sitting on the toilet? Hey it's time management - work with me people! Would it be called "bathroomwork?", "toiletwork?" Anyway, my brain is going to be struggling for the next few weeks to get back into the swing of having to remember and regurgitate! Hope those homework police don't catch me on the toilet!!!!!
J :)

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  1. Just think - all that brain cell exercise will supposedly slow down the onslaught of senior moments (yeah right)- and why are you doing homework anyway - I thought you knew all this stuff ;->...J