Friday, September 4, 2009

And so it begins........... "5 sleeps" (as my kids would say when they were little), I will be heading back to school after a long hiatus in my accademic career. Although I've taught at Lambton College for four years and worked there for a short time in Continuing Education, it's much different being a student. My books are bought, my parking pass is hanging in my windshield and my locker is good to go. I will admit to being slightly nervous but that is out weighed by excitement. This is a new adventure and a turning point in my life that I am really looking forward to. And so it begins.....this new chapter, a change much needed in my routine life. Hopefully I will be able to keep this blog up during my year as a "college chick"!


  1. Good luck Jenifer - I hope you have an amazing year!Love Sandra

  2. Okay - I'll try again - very wonky when I try to get here via your address but nor problem from my reading list...hmmmm = anyway good job! J

  3. I'm proud of ya.."geek"
    but don't get too busy so more time goes by without the long overdue telephone convo !!

  4. Thank you ladies for your good wishes. I'm hoping to add more of "me" to this layout. It is a blog in the making so to speak. I need to personalize it with some pics and things but it will get there with time and creativity!
    Hugs to all!
    J xoox