Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Small World After All!

It has been a very interesting week getting to know my classmates. It's amazing how small a city can be when you start to talk to someone else who lives here. While chatting with a man who is in the same program as myself, a neighbour who works at the college stopped by to say hello. Through the course of the conversation the name of my street came out and my classmates eyes popped out of his head. It turns out that he once lived at the end of my culdesac for about 4 years AND WE NEVER FORMALLY MET EACHOTHER!!! Holy Doodle!
Then, tonight I had a board meeting for the Lawrence House Centre for the Arts and we were waiting the arrival of a lady who is taking of the Chairperson position for the remainder of the term. In walks another classmate!!! OK this is way too weird. I know that Sarnia is small but this is crazy!
I wonder who else is going to surprise me over the next few weeks. I think it's kind of awesome to be honest. It makes that gap between you and a stranger shrink considerably in a matter of moments and you feel more connected with them. A stranger is a friendship waiting to happen. At least it is with these two great people!
J :)

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  1. I was on Julie's blog and looking at her favorite places - found yours and figured that this is her sister. Congratulations on going back to school at - is it 46? My daughter did that 12 years ago at that age, graduated with highest honors and is now an occupational therapist in the school system here. She had taught school for years but could not get into the system here when they moved to Michigan. I enjoy Julie - she's a neat gal. Much luck on this new venture - I will keep track of your progress!! Carol