Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And the count down begins...............

As of this Friday, there will only be 3 weeks left of regular classes. Beginning December 14th exams will be the order of the week. I know that two of them are 3 hours in length lord help me!
Hopefully I will come out the other end of this term in one piece. My goal is to be able to write my CHRP designation in May but there are stipulations of 70% average over all and nothing under 65%. Only one class has proven to be a challenge but I'm still far.
My blogging will be more interesting next term as I will be more familiar with school life than I was in Sept.
Many thanks for those who drop in and take a peek but I would love to hear from you too so please leave me a message!
Take care
Jen : )

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Even though it's a balmy 16 degrees outside, truth be known winter is just around the corner. I managed to put most of the remaining garden to bed yesterday and intend on going out again today as I believe this is the last hurrah of lovely weather for awhile. It's so hard to sit inside, nose in the books when it's like summer on the other side of the window. The glare of the sun intrudes my computer screen and I can't help but get distracted. Maybe I should rearrange the furniture............something to contemplate.

I survived midterms and now it's the final push until December 18th when the first half of my program will be complete. Winter will come, the snow will fly and the dreary dark days will make me want to stay indoors.

There is one huge concern weighing on my mind in regards to the winter the heck am I going to fit my winter coat, my boots, my backpack and books into my tiny 4ft x 2ft cubby call a locker!!?? Should have rented 2 when I had the chance!!

Jen :)