Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can you say MIDTERMS!!!!

October is going to be one crazy month. My profs are starting to set up tests and assignments and today I can honestly say my brain hurts. It's a weird feeling actually, not like a headache but more like a muscle that hasn't been used in awhile. It gets a tremendous work out and says to the rest of your body "Um, excuse me but WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING TO ME!!" lol
Not to brag (ok I am a little) but I did a law assignment and scored 20/20 on it. I hope this isn't setting the bar (no pun intended)! As in the words of my law prof, "hang on, don't panic."
Today we had our first study group. Six of us went to the college student lounge and hashed out HR Planning for 3 hours. It was very productive and definitely worth sacrificing a sleep in day. This week it's HR Planning and Finance Accounting. Seeing I haven't sat a formal test in quite awhile this is going to be interesting to say the least.
The only worry I have is that my brain explodes from all the pressure and I won't be able to remember a single thing I've studied. I guess that's why they allow you to bring a "Linus Blanket" into the test. I'll save that for another blog.
J : )

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  1. Are you surviving? Ah the good ole days (NOT) - I don't envy you!