Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reading Week (aka March Break)

Holy cow I didn't realize that I had not posted anything since January!
Well folks we are coming into the home stretch.....Reading Week is here and yes I've been doing A LOT of reading. I'm trying to at least catch up and create a solid study plan because once we return on March 15th there are only 4 weeks left!! YES I did say 4 WEEKS!

So the game plan is to get projects under control and read read read this week to lighten the load when classes begin again. Once those 4 weeks of classes, 1 week of exams are complete then it's time to study for my National Knowledge Exam which takes place on May 1st.

There is a 20 hour online prep course that I am going to take that increases your probability of passing the NKE and if you don't (god forbid!) you get your money back for the prep course. Can't go too wrong with that!

Adding to my plate is the fact that I have started teaching again, only 4 hours a week but it is 4 hours not studying. Would I actually BE studying? Probably not but those of you who are familiar with the teaching thing also know that it isn't just the hours you are with your student, there is prep time for curiculum. No biggy, I didn't have to say yes but my love for teaching got the better of me and I took the assignment, only one student which is easy breezy.

So it's time to hit the books and get some solid reading done. No other plans for the day but that.
WOW 4 weeks, how time flies!

Jen xo

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  1. Well yes it was about time you blogged! Are you going to carry on after "graduation"? Good luck on all the studying - we will be dropping by in Sarnia Easter Sunday...XOJ